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To apply for membership read below and complete the application form.
To fill out the application online CLICK HERE

OESA Member Bylaws set forth the following requirements for membership eligibility and obligations:


  • A summary of this application, and other information submitted herewith, will be reviewed and voted on  by the OESA board of directors.

  • The vote and membership determination will occur shortly after receipt of this application.

  • The membership term will be one year and will be automatically renewed at the same membership dues structure.

  • After the first year, membership dues are due and payable annually on a calendar year basis. An adjustment will be made to bring the dues to a calendar year schedule.

  •  Membership may be cancelled at the end of the year and must be done in writing.

  • Membership may be terminated if dues payment is more than 90 days overdue.

  • If the membership application is approved, OESA will finalize the payment process for the first year dues depending on  payment method.

Supplier Members, are organizations engaged primarily in the: (1) manufacture of components, modules, software and systems (herein called parts) for use in the manufacture and assembly of automotive original equipment; (2) provision of product engineering, design, testing and prototyping services integral to the manufacture of OE parts; (3) provisions of machinery, tools, dies and molds for the manufacture of original equipment parts; and (4) provision of major materials (such as steel, aluminum and plastics) used to manufacture original equipment parts in North America.

Affiliate Members, are companies that provide products and services dedicated to the automotive industry and have sufficient interest in the work being performed by the Association. They provide content and thought leadership at events, meetings, on, and in publications.

Divisional Members, are subsidiaries, divisions and operating units of companies that are regular members of OESA, provided they meet the association’s membership eligibility requirements for supplier membership. Divisional members receive all association services and benefits, but do not have voting privileges

For further information about OESA membership or to set up a meeting to find out how your organization can benefit from OESA membership, contact OESA at 248.952.6401 or email ​​

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