The OESA Peer Group Council Network has proven to be one of the greatest benefits of OESA membership.  Quarterly council meetings provide subject matter experts and the right forum for supplier executives to address issues of common concern. Designed for senior executives of supplier member companies, peer group councils foster open dialogue and the sharing of best practices among executives with similar job functionalities. 

OESA Councils are organized around a board of governors, setting direction for council agendas and activities and operate under the management and oversight of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association.

Interested executives may apply for council membership based on each council's membership criteria.

Typically, eligibility requires the individual to be the top executive of the member company in their area of responsibility. Membership on a council is held by an individual representing the company. All councils, with the exception of the Chief Executive Officers Council allow for a designated alternate.


Advanced Technology Council                Human Resources Council
Automotive Public Relations Council     Legal Issues Council
Chief Executive Officer Council     Sales Executive Council
Chief Financial Officers Council     Tooling Council
Chief Purchasing Officers Council     Warranty Management Council
Communication Executives Council     Young Leadership Council
Enterprise Leadership Council     MEMA Government Affairs Council
Environment, Health and Safety Council      
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