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Advanced Technology Council


Advanced Technology Council meetings focus on a wide range of topics related to Cyber Security, CAFE (Regulations, Materials & Light weighting, Powertrains), Vehicle connectivity (V2X, Telematics, OTA, Infotainment…) as well as Automated and ADAS technologies. 

Recent Areas of Focus

  • Advancing Vehicle Safety at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • “Looking Around the Corner: MEMA DC Perspectives on Impacts of Near-term Regulatory Actions”
  • MEMA CTO’s Industry Perspective
  • CAFE and the Technical Assessment Report (TAR)
  • Cybersecurity and the Future of Automotive

Council membership is available to MEMA OE Suppliers member company executives managing or overseeing engineering, product development, innovation or new technology activities.Cost of membership is $1,100 per year.  

2023 Meeting Dates:
January 12
April 6
July 13
October 19



The Advanced Technology Council is facilitated by Steve Horaney, Vice President, Membership and Sales.

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