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Legal Issues Council


In-house counsel from supplier member companies discuss business-critical legal issues, such as product liability, industry terms and conditions, directed buys and intellectual property protection. Members of the council weigh in on the ongoing analysis of OEM terms and conditions, and discuss topics from other councils from a legal perspective.


Recent Areas of Focus

  • Critical Risk Issues for In-House Counsel
  • MEMA Washington DC Policy Update
  • Cost Recovery Claims: Risks, Strategies, Perspectives and Best Practices
  • Legal Issues Involving Autonomous and Automated Technologies

Council membership is available to the legal executives of OESA supplier member companies.  If you are a supplier member and your company does not have an internal legal group, the internal person leading your legal efforts (eg CFO,) is welcome to join.  Cost of membership is $1,000 per year.  


2021 Meeting Dates
  • January 12 - 1Q Segment 1
    • February 9 - 1Q Segment 2
  • April 20 - 2Q Segment 1
    • May 18 - 2Q Segment 2
  • July 20 - 3Q Segment 1
    • Aug 17 - 3Q Segment 2
  • October 12 - 4Q Segment 1
    • November 16 - Q4 Segment 2


The Legal Issues Council is facilitated by Ginger Juncker, Executive Director, Councils and Member Programs, OESA.

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