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Tooling Council


The Tooling Council provides tool maker CEOs the opportunity to discuss best practices and address issues that affect the value chain. Members work together to address many industry issues and use the OESA/HRI Tooling Barometer to better understand the unique operational issues of the tooling community.
This council meets twice a year including one meeting in conjunction with our annual HRI Automotive Tooling Update. All members of the council attend the HRI Automotive Tooling Update complimentary. 

Recent Areas of Focus
•             Workforce development
•             Procurement practices
•             Cost estimating
•             Supplier audits
•             Supply chain risk
•             Material availability
•             Capacity constraints


Membership is open to companies that manufacture molds, tools, dies and/or gauges and fixtures in North America, as well as firms exclusively serving the tooling industry. Members should be focused on automotive business. Members should be independent tool shops, or, in the case of a captive shop, have significant outside business (i.e. multiple customers). Members would assign a regular member and an alternate member to the forum. Titles might be CEO, president, CFO, GM, VP – each individual should have a strategic company role and decision-making authority. Annual membership is $750 for OESA, APMA, CTMA or PMA member companies or $1,200 for non-member companies.


2021 Meeting Dates

  • April 15
  • August 26

2022 Meeting Dates

  • April 14
  • August 25


The Tooling Council is facilitated by David Johnson, Senior Director, Events and Member Programs, OESA.

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