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Warranty Management Council


The Warranty Management Council (WMC) is an automotive-centric forum for warranty professionals to discuss the unique topics in their field, such as warranty management data systems and cost recovery processes. OEM representatives are invited to address the group at almost every meeting. The WMC champions the comparative analysis of OEM warranty programs and supports the warranty audit process certification with AIAG.

Recent Areas of Focus

  • Annual Automotive Warranty Update
  • Advanced Topics in Warranty Analytics
  • Benchmarking Effects on Warranty Management
  • OEM Presentations: FCA, Ford, GM, Nissan
  • Peer Sharing on: GM - 6 Panel Warranty Report

Council membership is available to the senior executives or functional managers responsible for warranty or the warranty process of OESA supplier member companies. Cost of membership is $1,000 per year.  


2021 Meeting Dates

  • March 25
  • June 24
  • September 23
  • December 14

2022 Meeting Dates

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 29
  • December 15


The Warranty Management Council is facilitated by Ginger Juncker, Executive Director, Councils and Member Programs, OESA.

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