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Cost Recovery Claims: Discipline Drives Fairness
May 8, 2019 , MSU Management Education Center • 811 W Square Lake Rd • Troy, MI

Registration for the OESA 2019 Cost Recovery Claims: Discipline Drives Fairness to be held on May 8th at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, MI has closed. You will be able to register on-site at the event. To expedite your registration, please complete the On-Site Form and bring it with you to the event. There will be a designated individual who will help you complete registration.

Event Details
OESA, in partnership with Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC (BWST), will host “Cost Recovery Claims: Discipline Drives Fairness” on May 8, 2019 at the MSU Management Education Center. The event will identify and address challenges and opportunities for suppliers facing customer cost recovery claims with a focus on inventive prevention and mitigation strategies. BWST attorneys and industry insiders will analyze specific cost recovery scenarios encountered in the supply chain and provide tools, tips and best practices to navigate them with a focus on collaboration and not combat.
Bert Donovan and Matt Letzmann, partners at BWST, will introduce common cost recovery situations and special challenges raised in each case, including: 
Whopper Recall – Biggest Customer, High Volume, High Cost-Per-Vehicle
Debit without a Cause – Customer Set-Off Before Root Cause Determination
Why Us? – Directed Buy and High Number of No-Trouble-Found Parts
Aided by Peter Chhim, director, global warranty & warranty data analytics, Tenneco, and Jeff Sutter, global director, I&CIM & warranty analysis, Nexteer Automotive, the BWST team will discuss proven strategies and preparations suppliers should have in place before a claim comes in.
Sue Koss, partner and managing director, and Anson Smuts, senior associate, O’Keefe LLC, will outline the components of cost recovery claims and provide tools for ensuring accuracy in claim evaluation. Donovan, Letzmann, Jon Jorissen, partner, BWST, Chhim and Sutter will join them to provide practical, proactive, disciplined approaches to the real-world scenarios introduced earlier with a focus on conflict avoidance and data-driven outcomes. They will also discuss the emerging impact of the federal regulatory scheme on cost recovery and NHTSA’s expectations and enforcement priorities.
Attendees will gain insight on how to:
Avoid/limit losses when the supplier’s parts are not shown to be tied to the costs claimed
Expedite access to information that matters most, including parts and reliable data
React quickly and effectively when customers make demands 
Registration Information

Registration Fees:

OESA Members on or before April 24, 2019 $135
OESA Members between April 25 and May 6, 2019 $185
OESA Members after May 6, 2019 $270
Non-OESA Members on or before April 24, 2019 $185
Non-OESA Members between April 25 and May 6, 2019 $235
Non-OESA Members after May 6, 2019 $370

Please Note: OESA can no longer accept credit card information on faxed or emailed registrations. If you register via the PDF form, an OESA representative will contact you for payment information.

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For registration assistance and program information, contact OESA at 248.952.6401.

Note:  Refunds cannot be given after May 1, 2019.  Substitutions are always welcome. Charges will appear as “Motor & Equip MFG Assoc.” Register online at or fax the completed registration form to 248.952.6404.

Event Agenda

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