OESA 2018 AlixPartners Global Automotive Outlook Executive Briefing
June 18, 2018 , The Townsend Hotel; Birmingham, Mich.

Registration for the 2018 OESA AlixPartners Global Automotive Outlook which will be held at the Townsend in Birmingham, MI on June 18th has closed. You will be able to register on-site at the event. To expedite your registration, please complete the On-Site Form located under registration information and bring it with you to the event. There will be a designated individual who will help you complete registration.

Event Details

OESA invites supplier members to attend the 2018 AlixPartners Global Automotive Outlook® Executive Breakfast Briefing with John Hoffecker, global vice chairman-operations, Mark Wakefield, global automotive & industrial practice co-lead, and Shiv Shivaraman, Americas automotive and industrial practice co-lead, AlixPartners LLP. The event will be held on June 18, 2018, at The Townsend Hotel, Birmingham, Mich.

Based on AlixPartners’ in-depth analysis of the financials and operations of more than 150 global suppliers and 50 automakers, this executive breakfast briefing will provide the analysis of key trends likely to structurally impact the industry over the next ten years. The 2018 report is the 23rd edition of the AlixPartners study and includes a deep-dive analysis on North America, Europe, Japan/Korea and China. Hoffecker, Wakefield and Shivaraman will also discuss structural changes affecting the supply base and operational actions the best suppliers take to improve their competitive position.

This supplier-centric event also focuses on strategies for targeting investments in the most attractive opportunities and developing strong competitive positions in those markets. Hoffecker, Wakefield and Shivaraman will address:

  • Supplier financial benchmarks and asset-utilization strategies
  • Quality and warranty commercial trends, and impending supplier implications
  • Global market demand, and OEM platform and manufacturing-footprint strategies
  • Supplier impacts from recent product demand shifts, raw-materials price deflation and progress in electronics for driver assistance and connectivity
  • EV adoption and investment
  • Consumer willingness to pay and adoption expectations for AVs
  • Impact of Shared and Mobility on sales forecast

This meeting is intended for supplier CEOs, presidents, CFOs and strategic planners. Also, the review of OEM financials and strategies will benefit sales and marketing executives looking to gain insights into their customers’ commercial needs and how to mitigate risk. Hoffecker, Wakefield and Shivaraman will also participate in a question and answer session targeting issues that are top of participants’ minds.

Only members attending the meeting in person will receive a copy of the AlixPartners’ benchmark data and analysis. OESA supplier members can register in the events section of http://www.oesa.org. For registration and program information, contact OESA at 248.952.6401 or info@oesa.org.

Registration Information

Registration Fees:

OESA Supplier Members on or before June 4, 2018: $130
OESA Supplier Members Standard Price btw June 5 and June 14:       $180 
OESA Supplier Members Late Registration after June 15, 2018: $260  

CLICK HERE for On-Site PDF Registration Form

For additional registration and program information, contact OESA at 248.952.6401 or info@oesa.org.

Note:  Refunds cannot be given after June 11, 2018.  Substitutions are always welcome. Charges will appear as “Motor & Equip MFG Assoc.”  Register online at http://www.oesa.org or fax the completed registration form to 248.952.6404.

Event Agenda

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