OESA 2019 4Q Mobility Supplier Forum
November 21, 2019 , Flex Automotive, Bldg. 5, 847 Gibraltar Drive, Milpitas, Calif.

Registration for the 2019 OESA Mobility Supplier Forum Q4 which will be held at Flex Automotive in Milpitas, CA on November 21st has closed. You will be able to register on-site at the event. To expedite your registration, please complete the On-Site Form and NDA located under registration information and bring them with you to the event. There will be a designated individual who will help you complete registration.

Event Details

The Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) will host the fourth quarter 2019 “Mobility Supplier Forum” on November 21, 2019, at Flex Automotive in Milpitas, Calif. This automotive forum meets quarterly in California’s “Silicon Valley” area and is intended to help automotive suppliers advance their business interests in connected and transformative technologies. Each meeting features insights from leading industry experts on issues of common concern for automotive suppliers.

The 4Q Mobility Supplier Forum will feature Steve Gawronski, vice president of global supply chain, Rivian, will share an update on the Rivian Research and Development Center in the Silicon Valley and how suppliers can work with them.   

In addition, Henry Bzeih, CTO & senior vice president, Flex Automotive, who will share insights on the challenges ahead as the industry advances autonomous vehicle technology, and Jennifer Dukarski, shareholder, Butzel Long, will explore issues surrounding automotive light vehicle requirements and discuss how to avoid recalls when introducing new technologies.
Automotive suppliers looking for insight into the latest in automotive technology and tech companies exploring entrance into the automotive industry are encouraged to attend these forums. For more information about the Mobility Supplier Forum and the 2020 meetings, contact Steve Horaney, vice president, membership & sales, OESA, at shoraney@oesa.org
The date for the OESA 2020 1Q “Mobility Supplier Forum” meeting is March 11, 2020.
OESA members and industry guests may register in the events section of http://www.oesa.org. For registration assistance, contact OESA at 248.952.6401 or info@oesa.org.


Registration Fees:

OESA Members and Industry Guests



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If registering on-site - please also print and fill out the Flex Nondisclosure Agreement


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