OESA 2019 Strategic Insights Executive Briefing Series IV
December 12, 2019 , MSU Management Education Center • 811 W Square Lake Rd. • Troy, Mich.
Event Details

OESA invites supplier industry executives, analysts and strategy professionals to gain expert insights at the next OESA Strategic Insights Executive Briefing, for an Automotive Outlook and Industry Risk Assessment on Dec. 12, 2019, at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, Michigan. Attendees will learn from leading industry experts on actionable intelligence to inform strategic planning frameworks.
The OESA 2019 Strategic Insights Executive Briefing Series offers fresh perspectives to contend with the dramatic pace of industry change as well as sales volatility and production sourcing dynamics. Gain unique insight on market impacts due to economic headwinds and policy uncertainty amid massive capex requirements. Attendees will gain global perspectives on adding value across the supply chain while highlighting priorities to successfully navigate this complex landscape.
Jeff Schuster, president, Americas operation and global vehicle forecasting, LMC Automotive, will share a detailed automotive sector outlook and provide a strategic assessment of North America including a discussion on electrification strategies. Schuster will expand on rising risks within the global landscape that offer headwinds and opportunities.
Jason Coffman, U.S. automotive consulting leader, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, will share compelling takeaways from Deloitte’s detailed market and consumer research to inform supplier planning efforts and shape strategy. Additionally, Neal Ganguli, U.S. automotive supplier practice leader, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, and Ryan Robinson, automotive research leader, Deloitte LLP, will offer deep insights and detailed findings to address the impact of disruptive forces shaping the industry and sophisticated global supply chains.
Attendees will gain a richer understanding of planning priorities to set stronger resource allocation strategies and better position their organizations for future success.  
OESA members an industry guests may register in the events section of http://www.oesa.org. For registration and program information, contact OESA at 248.952.6401. 


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Event Agenda

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