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OESA 2020 Master Class Workshop Series: How to Lead an Effective Meeting
October 16, 2020 , OESA Conference Center, Southfield MI

OESA invites member employees to attend the "OESA 2020 Master Class Workshop: How to Lead an Effective Meeting” on October 16, 2020, via Zoom. The OESA Master Class Workshops offer customer-facing supplier professionals an in-depth exploration of relevant professional development topics in a hands-on setting. This series is designed to help all functional roles develop better customer engagement skills. 
The October 16 workshop will focus on the topic of “How to Lead an Effective Meeting.” Lindsay Gross, director, facilitation services, Event Garde, will share key areas to focus on before, during and after a meeting to ensure that it is effective. She will discuss how leading effective meetings is a skill you can learn and focus on the level of preparation, especially when you are uncomfortable. In addition, there will be small breakout groups to help apply the tools learned during the session.

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