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OESA 2020 Strategic Insights: Connectivity Growth Strategies
November 19, 2020 , 1 p.m. ET | An OESA Virtual Event

Connectivity is fueling supplier growth opportunities through new feature content and business models that offer enhanced user experience and value derived from unique data streams. Leading suppliers are also looking to add value via process digitalization, which scales technology to empower employee teams and supply chain partners. These changes offer prospects for explosive growth, flexibility and transparency yet introduces new risks which need to be addressed.

OESA invites supplier industry executives, analysts, and strategy professionals to the OESA 2020 Strategic Insights Executive Briefing Series, “Connectivity Growth Strategies: Supplier Risks & Rewards“ on November 19, 2020, at 1 p.m. ET. Attendees will gain a detailed understanding of new opportunities and legal considerations vital for business planning to enhance competitiveness and mitigate compliance risks when dealing with connected technologies.

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