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OESA 2020 Strategic Insights: VUCA Session I
April 8, 2020 , Zoom Webcast
Registration for the OESA 2020 Webinar Strategic Insights VUCA Session I has closed. A recording of the webinar and the presentation will be made available for purchase tomorrow.



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Event Details

OESA invites supplier industry executives, analysts, and strategy professionals to gain expert insights at the OESA Strategic Insights Executive Briefing Series, for a tandem of unique webinars on Advancing In a VUCA World-Navigating Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity on April 8, 2020 and April 29, 2020. Attendees will gain actionable intelligence to inform planning frameworks from a dynamite roster of leading industry experts in forecasting, consumer & product research, contract and supply chain law, as well as lead strategists from a top automaker and a premier industry consulting firm.  
The OESA 2020 Strategic Insights Executive Webinar Series offers fresh perspectives to contend with the dramatic pace of industry change, technology advancement, sales volatility and production sourcing dynamics.
VUCA - Session I
Jeff Schuster, president, Americas operation and global vehicle forecasting, LMC Automotive, will share a detailed automotive sector outlook, providing global context along with a strategic assessment of North America including a discussion on the pace of recovery and a review of electrification strategies.
Mike Dovorany, vice president, automotive and mobility, Escalent, will share deep insights from a compelling consumer research framework, EVForwardTM that links buyer attitudes, user behavior, technology adoption and purchase drivers to help suppliers and automakers add value by creating winning strategies and solutions to thrive in the dynamic EV landscape.
Attendees will gain a richer understanding of planning priorities to set stronger resource allocation strategies and better position their organizations for future success.  
OESA members and industry guests may register in the events section of For registration and program information, contact OESA at 248.952.6401. 

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Note:  Refunds cannot be given after April 1, 2020.  Substitutions are always welcome. 

Event Agenda
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