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OESA 2021 China Market & Shanghai Auto Show Debrief: Charging Ahead
May 26, 2021 , 8:30 a.m. ET | An OESA Virtual Event

China remains the largest and one of the most important automotive markets in the world. Light vehicle sales and production in China surged over the past three decades. Policies and trade tensions derailed this growth streak prior to the coronavirus pandemic and recent global supply chain constraints. Despite this volatility, the long-term growth trajectory for China remains robust, coinciding with a resolute policy objective to lead the global industry in the battery electric vehicle realm. 
Industry executives interested in the latest trends on the China market and those working with Chinese firms across supply chains are invited to attend OESA 2021 China Market & Shanghai Auto Show Debrief: Charging Ahead on May 26, 2021. This virtual debrief will offer deep insights into the rebounding China vehicle market with engaging discussions on the economy and consumer trends, automotive sales, production and product strategies, legal safeguards, and key trends in the global EV market.  



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