Upcoming OESA Meetings*

*All dates subject to change. Council meetings open only to council members and invited guests.

For more information attending an upcoming OESA council meeting, contact OESA at 248.952.6401 or info@oesa.org

JAN 8   OESA 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Briefing
JAN 17   Chief Executive Officer Council
JAN 17-18   OESA and IHS Markit: 2018 NAIAS Vehicle Tours
JAN 23   Legal Issues Council
JAN 25   Chief Purchasing Officer Council
FEB 1   Joint Environment, Health and Safety and Human Resources Council
FEB 5   Advanced Technology Council
FEB 7   Joint Communication Executives and Automotive Public Relations Council 
FEB 8   Young Leadership Council 5
FEB 15   Young Leadership Council 6
FEB 16   GM Town Hall
FEB 22   Sales Executive Council
MAR 6   OESA Professional Development Series I
MAR 8   Q1 Mobility Supplier Forum
MAR 8   Enterprise Leadership Council
MAR 15   Chief Financial Officers Council
MAR 20   Planning for Cost Recovery Claims: Strategies, Perspectives and Best Practices  
MAR 27   IT Leadership Council
MAR 27   MEMA Webinar: Steel & Aluminum Tariff Exclusions Process
MAR 28   Tooling Council
MAR 29   Warranty Management Council
APR 10-11   MEMA Legislative Summit
APR 17   Tariffs: Steel, Aluminum and Chinese Imports
APR 17   Legal Issues Council
APR 18    Automotive Public Relations Council
APR 19   Chief Purchasing Officers Council
APR 24    Chief Executive Officer Council
APR 25   Communication Executives Council
APR 26    Human Resources Council  
APR 27   OESA Professional Development Series II
MAY 3   Young Leadership Council 5
MAY 8   OESA 2Q Mobility Supplier Forum
MAY 8   Environment, Health and Safety Council
MAY 22   Advanced Technology Council
MAY 24   Young Leadership Council 6
MAY 30   Global Leadership Trends in Manufacturing
JUN 5   OESA Professional Development Series III
JUN 6   Electronic Innovations: Driving the Industry
JUN 7   Capital Markets: Managing Capital for Competitive Advantage
JUN 14   Enterprise Leadership Council
JUN 14   OESA /SCAC South Carolina Regional Supplier Meeting
JUN 18   AlixPartners Global Automotive Outlook
JUN 18   Chief Financial Officers Council
JUN 19   IT Leadership Council
JUN 20   Creating an Engaged Culture
JUN 21    Sales Executive Council
JUN 27   Tooling Council
JUN 28   Warranty Management Council
JUL 10   Legal Issues Council
JUL 17   Toyota Town Hall
JUL 18   Joint Communication Executives & Automotive Public Relations Council
JUL 18   Digital MarComm Summit
JUL 26    Human Resources Council  
AUG 7   Environment, Health and Safety Council
AUG 9   Chief Purchasing Officers Council
AUG 16   Young Leadership Council 5
AUG 20   FCA Town Hall
AUG 30   Young Leadership Council 6
SEPT 4   Chief Executive Officer Council
SEPT 6   Mobility Supplier Forum Q3
SEPT 11   IT Leadership Council
SEPT 12   Terms and Conditions
SEPT 13   Volkswagen Town Hall
SEPT 13   Advanced Technology Council
SEPT 18   Honda Town Hall
SEPT 20   Chief Financial Officers Council
SEPT 20   Sales Executive Council
SEPT 26   Tooling Council
SEPT 27   Warranty Management Council
OCT 2   Nissan Town Hall
OCT 4   Enterprise Leadership Council
OCT 9   Legal Issues Council
OCT 10   Automotive Public Relations Council
OCT 11   Young Leadership Council 7
OCT 25   Human Resources Council  
OCT 25   HRI Tooling Update Conference
NOV 1   Young Leadership Council 6
NOV 7   OESA Annual Conference
NOV 20   Advanced Technology Council
NOV 27   Environment, Health and Safety Council
NOV 29   Chief Purchasing Officers Council
NOV 30   Ford Town Hall
DEC 4   Mobility Supplier Forum 4Q
DEC 4   Chief Executive Officer Council
DEC 5   Warranty Management Council
DEC 6   Enterprise Leadership Council
DEC 6   Sales Executive Council
DEC 11   IT Leadership Council
DEC 12   Communication Executives Council
DEC 12   Chief Financial Officers Council
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