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2013 Harbour Results Vendor Tooling Study

HRI’s 2013 Vendor Tooling Study investigates the entire tooling management process – from OEMs to Tier 1 and tooling suppliers – to uncover the root cause of inefficiencies impacting the supply chain and provide best practices, cost saving opportunities, waste and risks to the industry. The study sheds light on information critical to the industry, whether you’re an OEM, Tier 1 or tooling supplier, including insights into management/operations, program management, quality and materials, with a focus on reduction in process times and cost.

The complete study provides analysis for all levels of the tooling management process. Some of the emerging trends identified in the study include:

  • Global vehicle capacity vs. forecast production
  • Impact of tooling cost on total vehicle cost
  • Impact of low volume, high mix production on tool and vehicle cost
  • Talent gap at all levels of the value stream
  • Hidden cost of low cost country strategy
  • Importance of early phases of the value stream involving strategy and planning (to all audiences)
  • Breakdown of cost impacts for vendor tooling

Additionally, tooling experts from Harbour Results will come on-site to provide supplemental information and answer company-specific questions with the purchase of the study.

Those interested in more information or purchasing the study can contact Harbour Results, Inc. at or 248.629.9331. For more information on Harbour Results, visit

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