OESA/MEMA Respond to Trump Administration Announcement to Investigate New Tariffs on Imported Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Parts

OESA and MEMA are disappointed in the Trump administration’s announcement to investigate the imposition of 232 tariffs on imported motor vehicle parts and motor vehicles. These tariffs would adversely impact the success and growth of American manufacturing businesses, putting American jobs and competitiveness at risk. 

In addition, consumers need competitively priced aftermarket parts to repair and maintain their vehicles. Tariffs on imported parts will lead to increased repair costs, forcing U.S. consumers to potentially forgo necessary repairs and routine maintenance. 

“OESA champions the business interest of the automotive supplier community throughout the supply chain. OESA and MEMA are urging the administration to reconsider this investigatory action and pursue alternative ways to forge more positive trade relationships with our trade partners while allowing American businesses to operate freely in the global marketplace,” said OESA President and CEO, Julie A. Fream. 

CLICK HERE for the Full Statement from MEMA

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