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Council Benchmark Surveys

Date: February 16, 2018
Topic: OESA Research and Analysis




  For OESA Council Members Only

Login is required to access the findings of council member surveys on relevant and timely topics. The majority of these surveys are generated at the request of OESA council members to identify best practices in areas that directly impact their respective organizations.

CLICK HERE to access the following surveys: 






Corporate Social Responsibility Survey - February

401(k) Vesting Schedule Survey - February

Third Party Compliance Survey - March

Electronic Components Cost Survey - March

Sanctioned Suppliers Survey - April

Project Management Survey - May

Bonus Structure Survey - June

Mexico Labor Cost Survey - July









Leadership Behavior Survey - January

Parental Leave Policies - February

VW Ts&Cs Survey Results - March

ZG TsCs Survey Results - April

Material Indexing Survey Results - April

Facebook Language Survey Results - May

Communication Function Survey Results - June

Nissan Warranty Discussion Survey Results - July

Tesla Survey - August

Tariff Recovery Survey - September

Electrical Components and Plastics Cost Survey - October

Honda Celaya Flooding Survey - November

Ford TVM Cost Reduction Survey - November

Ford Changan Payables Survey - December

ISO Certification Requirement Survey - December










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