OESA Supplier Insights Video Series

Date: April 2, 2019
Topic: OESA Research and Analysis


OESA has teamed up with LMC Automotive to offer insight for automotive suppliers.

Mike A. Jackson, Executive Director, Strategy and Research, Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) sits down with experts from LMC Automotive for insight and analysis of industry topics and trends.

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Episode 7, China I
Published on Feb. 5, 2019

Episode 6, Electrification II
Published on Feb. 5, 2019

Episode 5, Electrification I
Published on Jan. 23, 2019


Episode 4, Autonomous Vehicles
Published on Dec. 4, 2018

Episode 3, Global Sales
Published on Nov. 14, 2018

Episode 2, Production Volumes
Published on Aug. 27, 2018

Episode 1, N.A. Vehicle Sales
Published on Aug. 13, 2018


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