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Join.  Engage.  Advance.

OESA champions the business interests of the automotive supplier community throughout the supply chain.

JOIN more than 400 member companies that are part of the automotive supplier community’s leading voice and resource.

Companies that join OESA are connected to a network of 400 member companies that represent nearly every tier, every component, every size, both public and private.

Steve Horaney, Vice President, Membership and Sales, OESA, shares some key benefits of OESA membership. 

Membership in OESA also means access to a staff that is dedicated to delivering timely and relevant programs, information, and intelligence for its members. This support team is aided by the MEMA government affairs staff in Washington, D.C. working diligently on behalf of OESA members.

Joining OESA gives member company executives access to direct dialog with OEMs on commercial, intellectual property, technical and warranty issues and other critical topics.

Joining OESA puts member executives in an exclusive, engaged and active network.

ENGAGE and connect with the OESA network.

From peer group councils that address issues of common concern to industry events that cover relevant and impactful issues, OESA members find that being active in the association creates the true value. Engagement opportunities include:

Executive Peer Group and Leadership Councils:

These councils bring together nearly 700 top member company executives by functional area. Quarterly meeting agendas are member-driven and content is developed to assist members with strategies to maximize and diversify top-line revenue, optimize operating costs and share best practices. Meetings include roundtable discussions and open forums on current topics of importance to members.

The peer council areas include:


OESA Members-Only OEM Town Hall Meetings: These are valuable opportunities for supplier members to interact and connect with top-level OEM purchasing and engineering executives. They present the latest information and developments on their supply plans in a town hall-type forum.

OESA Events - Timely, Critical and Relevant Information: OESA events include meetings, seminars, executive briefings and webinars that provide networking, information, best practices and thought leadership on today’s challenging issues. Events feature respected OEM, supplier and industry speakers.

Industry Studies and Best Practice Surveys - Sharing of Best Practices, Analysis, Information and Benchmarking: OESA executes various surveys on relevant and timely topics with findings available to members only. The majority of these surveys are generated at the request of OESA members to identify best practices in areas that directly impact their respective organizations.

Join and Engage. Then ADVANCE.

From industry studies and analysis to the value provided through lobbying efforts, OESA provides a return that exceeds investment. Today, all companies need to do more with less. OESA provides services to help make key business decisions, including:


OESA fosters relationships throughout the supply chain, including with OEMs, to discuss issues of common concern. OESA offers insight on strategies to make suppliers more successful. Membership enhances a company’s ability to make informed business decisions that will impact the bottom line, and advance their organization.

For more information about OESA membership, contact OESA at 248.952.6401 or email ​






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